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Top Props: Photo Booth Props No Party Should Be Without

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Photo booths have become a mainstay at all kinds of celebrations, and for good reason! Party and wedding guests love letting loose in front of the camera and walking away with a physical souvenir of your event. And while your guests are lovely as they are, they're even more amazing when they wear an oversized gorilla head for the photo because, well, it's funny. Most photo booth vendors provide props to use in photos, but not all props rank equally on the fun meter. Below, we offer the top must-have props all photo booths should have.

Food and Drink Props

What’s funnier than watching dainty Aunt Maude wrap her tiny mouth around a taco supreme? Let’s be real – many of your guests came to your reception to play. Give the people what they want – let them pose chugging from a beer stein, sipping rosé, or guiding a delicious-looking pizza slice (vegetarian option available) into their mouth.

Animal Heads

Animal heads are some of our favorite props of all time. Connect with your inner Wild Thing by popping one of these on and snapping into character. Wear it, hold it, or kiss it – animal head props are versatile and your poses are limitless. Having kids at your event? Watch their faces light up when they see these things. There’s nothing cuter than seeing a small child wearing a giant panda head scream “RAWR” at the camera.

Stick Props

Stick props are classic, timeless, and easy. They are a must have at any party because they are so useful for adding fun and variety to every photo. Your guests can quickly switch between a fancy bow tie, a shaggy mustache, or a bright pair of puckered lips to take their look to the next level. These props are for the sophisticated photo boother, and the variety of options we provide never disappoints. But, quality matters. You won’t find us using facial feature props held by fragile popsicle sticks – ours are heavy-duty, hand-made, lifelike, glossy, and mounted on strong steel rods. (Shout out to Whisker Works for their quality stick props)

High Quality Signs

Let’s get literal for a bit here. If you’re having the best day ever, why not document it by grabbing a “Best Day Ever” sign? Insult your photo-mate with a “Hot Mess” arrow, or go a sweeter route and share a romantic kiss with your partner behind a “Soulmates” sign. Our signs allow you and your guests to be creative, and to share a message with the world. So, what do you want to say? (Thanks to Yo!Props for your beautiful signs)

Props That Matter to You

We’ve got you covered – but if you want to add some additional meaningful elements to your photos, bring them along! Whether it’s a photo of a loved one who could not be present, a picture of your fur baby, or homemade props that fit with your party theme, we support your use! The more the merrier!

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